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Inspired by a friend's recent Ironman success (, I signed up for a teeny tiny triathlon to see if I could do it. Scheduled for next Mother's Day, I've hired a trainer to help me do this, especially to help me with the swimming part of the triathlon. I can swim but not very well. I took my first lesson this past Monday and returned apprehensively to the pool today to swim a few laps to see if I remembered anything he taught me.

The trainer had given me some basics on breathing, kicking and stroking. Then he gave me the magic key and it worked....

In that first lesson, as I charged along in the water, head down, gasping for air and swallowing what seemed like half the pool, he stopped me and we talked for awhile.

"Part of your training will be running, swimming and biking," he said, then continued; "You will also need to make time each day, even if it is just for a few minutes, to envision what it is you want to accomplish. See yourself swimming smoothly without any problems breathing." He went on to add, "Eventually you will mediate, taking this quiet time, to see yourself crossing the finish line."

So, I jumped in the water this morning and took a few moments to really think about what it was I wanted to accomplish today. I pictured myself swimming in a relaxed manner, breathing at regular intervals, without gasping for air like a school carnival goldfish.

Not only did I do a little better today than that first swim lesson, I actually swam 300 meters with little trouble. Not great for some but a milestone for me. I thought about that while driving home and had an "ah-ha!" moment.

Why can't we all do this with what it is we want to accomplish in 2011?

Give yourself a few minutes each day to close your eyes, relax and breathe. Then, start to really think about what it is you want to accomplish in 2011 until you see yourself crossing that finish line - whatever that may be.

Then do it. Do what it takes to reach that finish line.

I'll be there cheering for you!