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Small Business Graphic: 2010 Reviewed, 2011 Forecasted

Was it a good year or a bad year for small business? It really depends on who you ask. More importantly, will 2011 be better or worse? What are the trends saying? With so many questions, we look to the experts in small business economy for the answers.

Small Business Graphic: 2010 Reviewed, 2011 Forecasted

Our friends at Intuit said, "As we count down the final days of 2010, we took the pulse of small businesses in America to hear their biggest challenges and rewards of 2010 and their perspective of what's to come in 2011. While small business are still feeling the brunt of the recession, they enter 2011 motivated to grow and with realistic expectations. Take a look at what we learned from the front lines in our Intuit small business survey."

2010 Review 2011 Forecast

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