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Wanted: ZIIIRO Minimalist Watch

First unveiled as a concept this past spring, ZIIIRO watches cut out numbers, hashes, hands, and all. Now you can buy one.

Wanted: ZIIIRO Minimalist Watch

You'd be tempted to believe that a watch like this is more of a gimmick than sartorial statement—look, no hands! But German manufacturer ZIIIRO believes so much in their face design (or lack thereof) that they've commissioned an iPhone app that offers to replicate the ZIIIRO clock face on your bedside table.

And you know what? It works. In fact, it's beautiful and strikingly simple to read: The tip of the inner swirl shows the hour, and the tip of the outer swirl shows minutes. The pendant in the middle pops out of the silicon-and-steel strap so that you can use all six colored straps with the same core, making the watch into some kind of fluid, ever-changing Zen thing. Either way, we like it.

But then, the company knew we would. In fact, ZIIIRO only began making these watches once they gained popularity as concept designs that made the blog-rounds this past spring. Luckily, the real thing starts shipping in a week—so if you've seen this concept before you can finally get down to pre-ordering.

Price: 100 - 134 Euros at ZIIIRO shop.


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