YouTube Trends Finally Tells You What’s Worth Watching [Video]

YouTube Trends shortcuts you to the most buzzed-about videos–much needed, since 35 hours are uploaded to the site per minute.



YouTube has introduced a new feature called YouTube Trends. It’s about time: With 35 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute, you need Dr. Manhattan-like multitasking skills to find anything good to watch these days.

There are, of course, countless ways videos already get recommended to you–email, websites, Twitter–but YouTube wants to shortcut you to the ones everybody is talking about. To convince you they’ve got the goods, they put together pretty hilarious video, where a ’50s-era instructional video gives way to a vocoded rap:


Here, the full lyrics to the rap–gotta love the line, “You know it’s viral when you get it from your Mommy.”

Introducing YouTube Trends,
a scientifically enhanced way to understand YouTube.
YouTube trends will process all that YouTube has to offer
and bring the best of it to one place — YouTube Trends
so you can spot what’s poppin’ as it’s poppin’.
With our advanced diagnostic calculations ,
YouTube Trends will detect viral media vibrations
as they go from viral hits to popular phenomenon
from something just for tweens to the talk of soccer moms.
You know it’s viral when you get it from your Mommy.
Find out what’s hot at home, not just in San Francisco,
and what’s shared around the world.
Breaking news on the spot, music videos too,
you will get to understand what’s poppin’ around you.
It’s got your recommended daily dose of all the best in online video,
10 out of 10 YouTube scientists agreed,
YouTube Trends has got what you need.

YouTube also put out this more deadpan explanation of what the new service is, and how it works.


A central feature of YouTube Trends will be “4 at 4”–four trending videos to be featured at 4 PM and, for the insomniacs among us, 4 AM. One of the “4 at 4” at the time of this posting was a cutesy short about what happens when WikiLeaks divulges Santa’s Naughty List. One kid grabs his passport and a dollar to make his escape.


Where are you going, one of the other kids asks.

“I’m gonna try to go across the street,” says the kid grimly, hopping on his bike. “After that, who knows.”


[Image: Flickr user ladydragonflyherworld]


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