Walking in a Winter Wonderfarm: Urban Farming Getaway for Kids

Outdoor schools where kids spend a week or so at a time with their classmates exploring the woods are nothing new. But isn’t it just as important for children to be exposed to the merits of urban farming? Enter Winter Wonderfarm, San Francisco’s first urban farming day camp for kids. Set to run from December 20th to 30th, the permaculture-centric program will be held at Hayes Valley Farm, a community-run experiment on an empty lot in the heart of the city.

Participating children should be ready to get their hands dirty; the program features a number of “farm-to-fork” activities, including processing compost, planting
seedlings and cooking with local chefs. There will also be some yoga, naturally (this is San Francisco, after all).

Winter Wonderfarm isn’t Hayes Valley Farm’s only event. In the next few weeks, HVF is running a permaculture bootcamp, teaching outdoor yoga, conducting a series on seasonal eating and healthy living, and giving kids free reign on the farm during Magic Mondays for Kids. Not bad for a farm that was just an empty lot two years ago.

Winter Wonderfarm costs $400 per week (for the full-day program), and is open to kids from three to 13.

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