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Wanted: The Simple and Smart Typography Book

Statistics show that exposure to typography from a young age can save the innocent from a Comic Sans-only existence.

Wanted: The Simple and Smart Typography Book

It only looks like a children's book. But don't let the cover of Hyperactivitypography from A to Z fool you. True, the book is a simple, beautiful primer on typographical design, meant to introduce young readers to the importance of the typed word. But it also contains a level of detail on the subject that makes this much more than just an introduction. Look closely and you'll find great passages on the anatomy and history of typefaces. And the learning here is a hands-on project—the book opens with two removable paper rulers meant for measuring the size of type and its line spacing, so that readers can turn the book into a series of work-sheets that could challenge even experienced designers.

Hyperactivitypography was designed by Norwegian firm Studio 3, a firm in residence at the graphic design department of the Westerdals School of Communication in Oslo. You can see a virtual flip-through of the book here.

Available now in limited quantities from Price: $19.73 USD.


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