Project FishMap Finds Restaurants, Markets That Sell Sustainable Seafood

FishMap app

The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch iPhone app has long been helpful to consumers searching for sustainable seafood in the grocery store and on restaurant menus. But it’s still kind of a hassle to sit down at a restaurant, only to find out that they serve mostly endangered seafood. So the Monterey Bay Aquarium has decided to make things even easier with Project FishMap, a new feature on the app that maps restaurants and markets that offer sustainably sourced seafood.

There’s just one catch: The feature is completely crowdsourced, relying on the app’s 325,000 users to pinpoint places that sell seafood from the Seafood Watch “Best Choice” or “Good Alternative” lists. In return, users get to feel good–and they score FourSquare-like badges (such as Sardinista for reporting on sardines, Sushi Master for pinpointing worthy sushi restaurants, HomeCook for reporting from markets, and so on).

The Seafood Watch app also comes with a number of other handy features, including a sushi guide that lists fish by their Japanese names, sorting by common market names, and a list of tasty alternatives to fish found on the “Avoid” list. The app is available here.

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