• 12.15.10

Wanted: the Mac App that Rips Songs from YouTube

Grappler for Mac lets you search all the songs and video on the Web and download what you like to your iTunes library.

Wanted: the Mac App that Rips Songs from YouTube

A few years ago, the size of your music collection actually meant something. If you had 50GB of music, you could have a real party. If you had 100GB, you gained local notoriety as “the guy with all the music.” These days, however, music has entered the cloud–most people head straight to YouTube to find a song. The days of the epic music library seem to gone.


YouTube has thousands of tracks you can’t find on services like iTunes or Rhapsody: live cuts, remixes, leaked tracks, and most of all, music videos. If it’s been recorded, you can bet it lives online. But something in you still yearns to fill your local gigabytes with a library of millions of MP3s at your beck and call.

That’s where Grappler for Mac comes in. Grappler’s tagline: “If if plays, it probably saves.” With Grapper, any media you find on the Web can be ripped straight to your computer’s library with one click. Since the online Dirpy project was shut down, there has been no reliable way to do this. But Grappler for Mac takes the process to new heights with a shiny, easy-to-use Cocoa interface that lets you watch video, screen through search results, and finally press that electrifying button: Download.

Is it legal? Quite possibly not. But it sure is fun.

Available now from The Little App Factory. Price: $19 USD.


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