Five Things I Learned This Year

This was a crazy year and I learned a ton. The highlights:

1. Telling your story can make you stronger. I have never been so candid in a public forum about my personal life until this year and I learned that telling my story helped me to drop my story. Suddenly, I’m free to write a whole new one.

2. Unexpected, controversial blog post titles drive traffic. Did you see the one about why women should flirt at work? ‘nuf said.

3. People love lists. Did you see 20 Things I Learned as an Entrepreneur? Ditto.

4. Courage is a full time job. It takes courage to stick your neck out, try new things and to speak up. But like a muscle that can atrophy without use, it requires daily exercise.

5. There is no end point. Well, maybe except for death. Maybe. There is no there there waiting for you to get there.  This is the journey.

Here’s hoping it’s a good one. I wish you the best of holidays and a bright New Year.