The New WikiLeaks Documentary: View It Here [Video]

The Swedish network STV has just come out with a timely documentary about WikiLeaks, entitled “Wikileaks: Med Läckan Som Vapen,” which translates loosely to “WikiRebels,” the English title. The in-depth report has original sit-down interviews with Assange and his underlings, and folks around the Internet are praising its even-handedness.

The entire documentary is embedded below. It’s a whole hour long, so you might want to make some popcorn and get comfortable.

But who are we kidding? You’re busy, you’ve just worked a long day, you don’t particularly care about accuracy, and anyway, you’re in the mood to see a 3D Assange avatar do cartwheels and dodge rockets. Check out the NMA Cliffs Notes version instead.

[Image: Flickr user NewMediaDays]DZ