Shibumi Should Be on Your List!

The Shibumi Strategy

Matt May has done it again: written a book that is fun to read and eminently practical. The Shibumi Strategy delivers real life lessons in a compelling fable, taking profound insights and making them easy to digest and put to use.

This is Matt’s third book and is simultaneously as wonderful as the previous two as it is different from them in content and presentation. The Shibumi Strategy is a small book packing several giant punches. It is great for a special gift to yourself or anyone else who takes reflection and life’s challenges seriously.

The story revolves around a family man who loses his job and details the strategies he uses to go beyond his circumstances. It’s focuses on his inner journey, and is a wonderful guide for anyone navigating difficult waters.

The great thing about The Shibumi Strategy is that it provides a beautiful constellation of insights for dealing with adversity. Each perspective is atypical of what you hear in the mainstream, yet powerful in scope. Taken together as a whole they form a meaningful and well integrated framework. The story delivers simple and succinct illustrations so these perspectives are easy to comprehend and put into action.

This tale is timely given the current job market, and will help anyone who is dealing with adversity to reframe his or her situation and take constructive action. A real treasure.

I have come to trust Matt’s writing to take me beneath the surface on important matters. His books are like lanterns illuminating the underground of the ordinary to show extraordinary potential and how to achieve it. The Shibumi Strategy does this with elegance.

The Shibumi Strategy should be on your holiday list–not just for others, but for yourself.SK