Timeline of Failed Predictions (Part 2)

Following up on my last post about failed predictions, I thought it would be useful (Okay, fun) to think about a few things that people might live to regret saying in the future. All are offered in a spirit of festive fun but all also have a serious side. Thanks due to Scott Martin for adding a few intelligent speculations to the list.

“3-D movies are here to stay.”


“The instructions are totally foolproof.”

“Cold fusion is pure fantasy.”

“Bisphenol A does not cause cancer.”


“The book is dead.”

“Social media? That’s just for kids.”

“Newspapers will be extinct across most of the world by the year 2040.”


“The idea of a nano-technology accident is pure science fiction.”

“There is no demand for implanting identity chips in children.”

“The Chinese authorities have got the situation fully under control.”


“Russia is no longer a credible threat to the United States.”

“Computer gaming is not addictive.”

“There will never be another war in Europe.”


“The President is totally safe.”

“Belgium’s borders will not change in my lifetime at least.”

“Nation states are irrelevant.”


“The tradition of democracy in this country is alive and well.”

“The price of oil will remain under $150 for the foreseeable future.”

“The Internet cannot fail. The idea of brownouts is ridiculous.”


“There is no link between Climate Change and solar activity.”

“I do not want to live beyond 120?”

“Credit default swaps do not represent a major threat to the financial system.”


“The Earth is not cooling.”

“You cannot replicate the human brain inside a computer.”

“We will find a cure for every known disease.”


“Power generation will be 100% renewable.”

“Average lifespans will continue to increase.”

“The robots are coming.”


“You won’t die in an aged care home.”

“Google means that we no longer need libraries.”

“Email is here to stay.”


“One day we will 100% recycle e-waste.”

“Hospitals will always make me better.”

“If I save I’ll be able to afford to have someone look after me when I am old.”


“Chinese labour will always be cheaper.”

“There will never be a better way to type than a QWERTY keyboard.”

“We will never have to resort to nuclear power by necessity.”

“I will always have personal choice over what I eat.”

“People will not have serious relationships with synthetic humans.”

“Mobile phones do not damage your health.”

“New labour saving devices will shorten the working week to 4-hours.”

“My thoughts will always be private.”

“Viable Nuclear fusion is 40 years away.”

“Moores Law for razors will hold indefinitely.”

“We will always understand the machines we make.”

“I could never have sex via/with my PC/the Internet.”

“By 2050 every conceivable movie plot will have been done (twice).”

“The laws of thermodynamics are under threat of being disproved.”

“We’ll have ethical issues with devices that dispense orgasms at the press of a button.”

“Stem cells are the key to the end of aging.”

“Battery technology is now so good that you’ll never need to recharge that phone.”

“People are no longer susceptible to being greenwashed.”

“Aliens do not exist.”


About the author

Richard is co-founder of Essential (, a Boston-based design and innovation firm that specializes in products and services.