iFive: WikiLeaks Hacktivist Arrest, Military Plugs Leaks, SFX Masks Fools Cops, iPad 2 Rumors, HTC’s Smartphone Onslaught

1. Anonymous, the online hacktivist group behind DDoS attacks on PayPal, Mastercard and more in revenge for WikiLeaks, has seen its first arrest: A 16 year-old Dutch boy, arrested by his nations “high tech crime unit” for taking part in the hacking. In response, Anonymous seems to have changed its tactics. Is this really what Net neutrality means–a website can be bullied offline by governments, and protestors arrested?

2. To prevent future leaks, the U.S. Military–always the quickest mover when adopting cutting edge computer tech (not!)–just banned all thumbdrives, CDs, DVDs, external drives, and so on with threats of courts martial to anyone who violates the ruling. Are pencils, pens, and paper next?

3. On a lighter note, a heavy-set, black bank robber led U.S. police on a multi-month run-around until he was recently caught. He’s actually a average-build white guy–but he wore a film studio-quality silicone mask during his robberies that convinced pretty much every witness to the crimes. High tech crime of a different sort.

4. iPad 2 rumors are hotting up: Several leaked case designs are giving very strong hints the tablet PC will have both front and rear cameras–which is something of a surprise. And an extra-large cutout on the cases is being seen as proof the iPad 2 will have an SD card expansion slot. It’ll really rock the tablet market, if so.

5. HTC is planning a smartphone revolution in 2011, presumably based on Android and Windows Phone 7: The company is ordering parts for 60 million handsets, versus around 20 million sold in 2010. That’s one huge expansion in sales…as well as evidence that the dumbphone truly is doomed.

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