iFive: China Versus Nobel, Anonymous Blockades Governments, Twitter’s Trend Algo, CityVille’s 3 Million, Winklevii Sue Again

1. China’s refusing to yield to outside pressure on the Nobel Peace prize recipient’s Liu Xiaobo’s arrest, and is trying to smear the Norweigan prize, which is due to be delivered Friday. Meanwhile its Confucius Prize winner, Lien Chan, was supposed to receive his prize today, but knew nothing about it and didn’t show up.

2. WikiLeaks hacktivist revengers have tackled their highest profile targets yet: They brought down the website of the Swedish government, and to tackle Joe Lieberman. This is a significant step, since it represents a movement of people against a supposed instrument of the people–the digital equivalent of blockading parliament.

3. Meanwhile Twitter has been forced to reveal some details on its trending topics algorithm, courtesy of the WikiLeaks affair and threats by Anonymous to launch a DDoS revenge attack on the lifecasting service. Trends are driven by “novelty” rather than simple “popularity,” probably to keep Justin Bieber from dominating the list all the time. Will this fend of the wrath of Anonymous?

4. Social game-maker Zynga has notched up another success with CitiVille: Launched just the other day, it already has three million active daily users. This makes the game Zynga’s fastest-growing game yet. With other news that mobile games consoles are being usurped by phones, it looks like gaming is changing.

5. Those troublesome Winklevoss twins (‘Winklevii’) are suing Facebook again. Originally alleging it stole their ideas about social networking, they’re now accusing Zuckerberg of lying about the value of the site. Messy.

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