Watch Out, Cape Wind: Deepwater Wind Proposes Largest Offshore Wind Farm in U.S.

wind farm

Deepwater Wind proposed this week the biggest off-shore wind farm ever in the U.S.–a deepwater wind farm near Rhode Island that will include 200 wind turbines and power up to 800,000 homes at a cost of $5 billion dollars. The project is over twice the size of Nantucket Sound’s Cape Wind project, which is set to become the first U.S. offshore wind farm. Deepwater Wind originally proposed building up to eight turbines before unveiling the larger project this week.

As with Cape Wind, there are plenty of political hurdles to deal with. Deepwater Wind still needs federal and state approval for the project–a process that could take years. And the $5 billion price tag could end up being a major financing hurdle.

Several local stakeholders are also lobbying against the wind farm for fear of overcharging local utilities. Proponents say, however, that the expansion to 200 wind turbines actually accomplishes a reduction in price.

“We want to have the most renewable power on the ground at competitive prices,” said Robert Rio, senior vice president at Associated Industries of Massachusetts, as quoted by Reuters.

Construction is set to begin in 2014, with turbines spinning by 2015. But considering that the comparatively small Cape Wind project has undergone nine years of political wrangling, we won’t count on it.

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