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New Gauntlet for Startups: Be Interesting

screenshot of Skyara

The myth of the founder who sleeps on the couch (or the floor) of the start-up's office every night is a scary one, isn't it? Believing that level of slavish devotion leads to success is almost as dangerous as thinking all founders are like the cringe-worthy Zuckerberg as portrayed in The Social Network. New site Skyara may be the litmus test for founders to prove they are more than their idea.

As a market site, Skyara has a fairly standard layout, with each offering on its own page near an image of the seller—nay, purveyor, and the usual options for feedback, favoriting, and following within the service. Much more interesting are the items founders are listing for sale: crabbing with a Skyara founder under the Golden Gate Bridge (currently, the site is limited to San Francisco), trap and skeet shooting with the co-founder of MySpace, and my personal favorite, "30 Minute Time Travel Lunch" with two Airbnb engineers.

As co-founder Dennis Liu blogged yesterday; "putting an experience up on Skyara is a great way to meet new and interesting people, give back to the community, and maybe make some pocket change along the way." The real value, then, for listing on the service rests in access. Those handing over pocket change are granted access to that founder, and founder is granted time away from the office/coworking space to shoot skeet alongside those nice people who paid pocket change for the privilege.

Some of the more interesting members will even have a bit of fun in the item description:

Skyara offering of time travel lunch

This experience also includes a free pair of sunglasses, which you must wear during lunch. Lunch is included if you order a burrito... * Please note we will discuss nothing but time travel. All proceeds will go towards our sunglasses fund.

So you can just imagine how much fun might be had at the event itself, where everyone is making new acquaintances, the better to inform work projects as well as the start-up employees hosting the experience. Interested parties might even meet the co-founder of their next project.

The boss level on Skyara? That would be tea with superangel Ron Conway. Oh, and Hammer. Delightful, Internet.

With a chance to connect us as people beyond the products and services we create, future's so bright...


Kristen Taylor is the founder and CEO of Galvanize. Follow her on Twitter.