Infographic: Girl Talk’s Latest Mashup Masterpiece Deconstructed

The Pittsburgh City Council declared Dec. 7 “Gregg Gillis Day,” in honor of the mashup artist’s hometown support. We honor Girl Talk with a visual breakdown of his latest release.

Infographic: Girl Talk’s Latest Mashup Masterpiece Deconstructed

Gregg Gillis quit his job as a biomedical engineer two years ago to
become a full-time mashup artist known as Girl Talk. He still approaches
his music like a scientist, though, combining the DNA of songs in
divergent genres to grow unique hybrid jams. He’s the only one who knows
the full genetic code. But here’s a stab by Fast Company and infographic artist Tiffany Farrant at mapping the samples on
Girl Talk’s latest, “All Day.”


Click the graphic to expand and comb through it.


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