Google Launches Tools to Help Small Businesses Go Global

Google has just launched two new services to help small businesses go global. Google Global Market Finder is a tool to help you discover new markets in foreign countries, while Google Ads for Global Advertisers is a portal coordinating existing Google services, like AdWords and Google Translate, that will be helpful in reaching those markets.

Say you have a business selling necklaces. You go to Google Global Market Finder, and choose what set of countries you’d like to explore (the EU, the Americas, and G20 economies, for instance). You enter the word “necklaces,” which Google automatically translates into the relevant languages. Google then analyzes several factors: how often that term is searched for, and how competitive Google’s auctions are for ads related to that keyword. Finally, it spits out a ranking of top markets you might want to consider.

Once you’ve settled on markets you want to target, Google Ads for Global Advertisers steps in. Want to translate your web site into another language? Or monitor your spending on foreign ads? Or learn more about international shipping options? The aspiring global necklace vendor can find guides to all these, together with cheery, motivational success stories from a Lebanese mosaic company, a Polish bed and breakfast, and an Australian bespoke shoe retailer.

[Image by Andrew Hur]DZ