NaviNet’s Acquisition of Prematics Is Good Medicine for iPad

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had a doctor bust out a mobile device, access my health files, and tell me how much my medicine will cost. But this is exactly what the real-time healthcare messaging group, NaviNet, hopes to do with its acquisition of Prematics yesterday.

NaviNet is among the nation’s largest medical messaging system providers, and Prematics is on the cutting edge of integrating iPads and smartphones into the patient care process. “As a result, when physicians are in the exam room prescribing medications via handheld device, they can also use the device to receive information about generic or alternative drugs; submit real-time authorizations; and view benefits information in real time to determine patient financial responsibility,” according to the NaviNet press release.

70% of physicians are using NaviNet products already, and the Prematics e-prescribing and mobile clinical messaging feature will be available through the NaviNet Network for purchase.

The hope is that medical office visits will become more swift and efficient for all stakeholders involved–doctors, patients, administrators, and insurers–because the relevant information is readily available at the point of care.

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