Convenience Stores Get Action-Packed With Emergency Preparedness Schemes

Food supplies have the potential to get massively cut during emergencies and that’s why the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) is enlisting the help of the Pennsylvania Convenience Store Council (PCSC) to help draft protocols on how to manage food shortages in times of emergency.

“When disaster strikes, the food system is often impacted, therefore partnerships built before a disaster strikes are key to the state’s short and long-term response and recovery and PDA’s work on this project was essential in creating the guidance,” said Randy St. John, senior vice president of Association Services at the Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association PFMA, in the press release.

The private sector and public sectors are forging new partnerships in the state of Pennsylvania–especially as winter sets in and the incidence of major storms, power outages, and road closures skyrocket.

Together with the Pennsylvania Food Merchants Association, the Pennsylvania Convenience Store Council represents more than 1,100 retail food and convenience stores, wholesale distributors and other associated business members throughout Pennsylvania.

The use of real-time, two-way sharing of situational awareness information will play a crucial role in the partnership with PDA.

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