Hara’s Software-As-Service to Manage Abu Dhabi’s Energy Use

Hara, an environmental and energy management software startup, already boasts funding from Kleiner Perkins and some major customers–such as News Corp., Coca-Cola, and Safeway. But this week the company scored one of the biggest energy resource management deals in history. Hara’s software is being adopted by the Abu Dhabi Water and Electric Authority, a utility that covers nearly 40% of the United Arab Emirates’ population (over 1.4 million people), to slash energy use.

Hara’s software-as-a-service keeps track of resource “inputs”–electricity, gas, chemicals, and gas–and
compares it to “outputs” of greenhouse gas, solid waste, and waste water
from over 1,000 objects (e.g. trucks and computers). Then the software spits out suggestions for both simple, short-term goals and long-term energy saving goals that require more work.

Hara has the potential to make a big difference in Abu Dhabi. According to Greentech Media, the software could save up to 12 terawatt hours a year by 2020. That’s the equivalent of eliminating 10 million tons of CO2. The software will track over 200,000 residential and commercial buildings in the region.

Abu Dhabi’s interest in Hara makes sense–the Middle Eastern hub is home to Masdar City, an attempt to build a carbon-neutral city-within-a-city. Perhaps Hara will be the next energy company to open up a branch inside Masdar?AS