iFive: WikiLeaks on China-Google, U.S. Weak Spots Exposed, AOL-Yahoo Merger, Federal Femtocells, Apple’s New Campus

Welcome to Monday morning. Drink up your coffee, and digest the early innovation news for breakfast:

If you’re reading this on a black iPhone, having held out for a white one but found yourself too keen to wait, then kick yourself: Official Apple words have leaked out that the fabled white one is due “Spring 2011.” Darnit. On with the news:


1. More details on Google’s Chinese hack have emerged from the WikiLeaks diplomatic cable splurge–Politburo member and chief propagandist Li Chanchun appears to have overseen the hacks, which targeted a U.S. State Department Special Envoy during climate change talks with China. The regime, according to leaked cables, also officially pressured Google to bend to censorship laws, tried to censor Google Earth images, and attempted to get the telco business to stop working with Google as a form of punishment.

2. A new WikiLeaks cable has exposed something Washington would prefer it hadn’t, too: A list that the government had drawn up that refers to critical locations and resources around the globe that would pose a threat to the U.S.’s safety if terrorists attacked them.

3. Big rumors today that AOL, in mid crazy-expansion plan, is considering fragmenting itself into more targeted businesses. The actual aim of the plan is to ultimately merge with Yahoo, the trial-balloon-y chatter goes. Sounds sensible, seeing as both companies have become sprawling media entities with blurrily defined purposes. AOL may end up owing a debt to Reuters for testing the waters on this one, depending on how the news impacts stock prices.

4. A new bill demands every federal building install Wi-Fi and femtocells. An unusually high-tech move for a government–but it’s all about money and efficiency: The idea is to free up mobile networks, burdened by all those folks in one place, and improve web access. $15 million is to be set aside to kick it off.

5. Apple is planning a new campus in Cupertino on the site it bought from HP. It’s going to be a tech wonderland, designed by Norman Foster, and complete with private tunnels linking the sites.

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