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The Rise of the Homepreneurs

As more businesses move online and more jobs come into existence based upon these moves, it's not a surprise that the number of people working from their home office is rising. Brick-and-mortar retail, office space facilities, and social network enthusiasts may not like it, but online and at home seems to be the place to be. Will it last?

The Rise of the Homepreneurs

In a down economy, saving money any way we can is a mantra for most business owners. Even larger corporations are being operated remotely today as online tools allow us to meet, manage, and operate almost exclusively without leaving the house.

This infographic by our friends at ContactMe drives home the numbers and puts into perspective. What does this mean for the office relationship? How about the retail real estate market? The economy? The environment? None of these questions will be answered here, but they certainly offer food for thought.

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