WiFi Baby 3G Turns Your iPhone Into a Baby Monitor

iPhone baby

A family-owned startup called WiFi Baby cleverly asks: Why not turn your iPhone, iPad, or other device into a baby monitor? That way you can keep an eye on the little one no matter how far away you are; you also avoid the static that plagues many traditional devices.

The $279 device is a camera that also acts as a computer, offering a password-protected connection to any enabled device. Downloading compatible apps–MutliLive or Baby Monitor HD–means you can watch on your iPhone or Droid. The camera then streams HD video and audio, and even has motion-detection and night-vision, too, since high-tech baby monitoring wouldn’t be complete without a scary, green-and-black militaristic component.

“Feel safe watching video of your baby anywhere in your house, or
anywhere in the world,” says this very handmade video made by WiFi Baby.

We assume that the company doesn’t advocate leaving your baby alone while you fly to China, but the point is well taken that the new technology doesn’t suffer the same distance limitations as its predecessors.

[Via gearlog]

[Top image: Flickr user atomicjeep]DZ