Foursquare and (RED) Team for World AIDS Day

Today is World AIDS day, and to show support, location service Foursquare has partnered with (RED) to create awareness for the cause.

Using Foursquare’s check-in feature, interactive mapping firm Ushahidi SwiftRiver created a real-time display of the world’s support using Google Maps and Twitter hashtags. Now, when users check in with #turnRED and broadcast it to Twitter, it’ll deepen the color of red in your area on the (RED) map. The more check-ins, the more red the map turns, indicating the level of support around the globe.

The partnership helps create a more tangible feeling of community than other world celebrations. Earth Day, World Water Day, World Environment Day–these international festivals are just marks on the calendar to most. But with Foursquare’s technology, how the world is experiencing the celebration is on full display in real-time, from time-zones and cities turning (RED) to live tweets and Facebook profile pics to the hundreds of gatherings already planned using–not to mention earning the Foursquare badge designed with (RED)’s aim to have the first AIDs free generation by 2015. 

“With almost 5 million users worldwide, Foursquare has the power to bring visibility to important causes,” said Dennis Crowley, co-founder and CEO of Foursquare. “We’re honored that (RED) invited us to partner with them to help spread awareness for World AIDS Day and build a healthier future.”

To learn more about the Foursquare and (RED) partnership or to view the (RED) map, head to