B Corporations Get a Boost With Very Own Ad Campaign

B corporations

B Corporations–those companies that strive to serve the triple bottom line of people, profit, planet–got a boost to their credibility this yesterday when the semi-representative group called B Lab launched its first national advertising campaign, showcasing the merits of over 60 of its 350 B Corp-certified members.

The ads with taglines such as “Better Companies Make Better Products, B Corporations are Better Companies” will appear in sustainable media outlets such as Mother Earth News.

Initial research shows that 90% of consumers exposed to the ads are more likely to look out for participating brands or at least want to learn more.

“Beyond the value of a trusted third-party seal, the transparency requirements for the B Corp certification enable consumers to do their own research to distinguish good companies from just good marketing,” said Raphael Bemporad, one of the researchers, in a press release.

Indeed, B corporations must meet particular criteria around social impact and aligning company goals with environmental and social benefits. Applicants must pass a B impact ratings system, adopt the B corporation legal framework, and sign a term sheet making the certification official.

While B corporations and pro-social, cause, and “green” campaigns are nothing new, what the ad campaign signifies is a new cohesion and organizing power of B entities, which in turn signals a more firm footing in the world of global business.

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