Where’s the Spark?


I spent Thanksgiving week in New York City with
family including my brother-in-law who just opened a 5-star boutique hotel in
the heart of SoHo.  Not only is it
a beautiful hotel with amazing customer service but it is also a company that
firmly believes in taking care of their employees as well.  In other words, the kind of company we
all want to work for.

Heading out to dinner one night, we passed a
doorman from a competing hotel flagging a cab for a customer. Unnamed
brother-in-law casually asked him who he worked for. With a surly expression,
not a smile to be found, he snarled “(insert big chain name here).” 

Undeterred, unnamed brother-in-law went on to ask, “Do
you like working there?”  Surly
doorman snapped back. “Yeah, it’s ok.” 
Still not a smile or kind word to be found.

As we continued on our dinner journey, I asked unnamed
brother-in-law if he was in the habit of stealing hotel employees off the
streets of New York City.  He
simply replied, “I’m looking for a spark.” He went on to explain that he has
already hired people he has met along the way, some with even NO hotel experience,
to work in customer service positions including the phones, front desk,
housekeeping, and doormen because they
had a spark.  

 Looking for a job? Trying to keep the job you have?  

Check your spark.