Recycled Denim Seats in 2012 Ford Focus: For Revvers in Blue Jeans

The 2012 Ford Focus–launching early next year–is set to be decked out in recycled blue jeans in Ford’s latest effort to maximize eco-friendly materials.

The automotive company has a history of experimenting with eco-friendly materials–they’ve even used soy foam cushions before–and the recycled denim will be used in carpet-backing and sound absorption materials for “interior quietness” according to the press release.

“The good news is these jeans didn’t end up in a landfill, nor did we use the water, fertilizer and land to grow virgin cotton,” said Carrie Majeske, product sustainability manager. “It’s an alternative that our customers can appreciate, it’s cost effective, and it’s better for our planet. These are the kinds of sustainable solutions we are looking for in all our vehicles.”

GM has also committed to using eco-friendly materials and both companies are making creative efforts to make their manufacturing plants eco-friendly. But GM has moved beyond parts and plants to actually responding to a social and environmental crisis–the Gulf oil spill–where the company recycled the deployed oil-mopping equipment into car parts. As the bar gets set higher and higher, let’s hope that environmental indicators are improved that much more.

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