• 12.03.10

Wanted: A Faster, Flatter iPhone Contacts

In the spirit of the font that inspired its name, Dialvetica is a clean, basic and super-fast “contact contacter” for iOS.

Wanted: A Faster, Flatter iPhone Contacts

Dialvetica is a “contact contacter”: it keeps a list of your closest friends at the tip of your iPhone’s tongue, ready to launch an SMS or a phone call. Then, after the call is dropped, it reconnects you — super fast. What else does it do? Well… nothing. And that’s the point. As Dialvetica minimalist creators say on its App Store listing: “You are paying for speed, user experience and ease of use, not features.”


And they’re absolutely right. With each new iOS release, our once-simple iPhones get more congested with stuff, and our iTunes grows to epic levels of bloat. So it’s no wonder that we love the aesthetic of Dialvetica: it’s about as visually aggressive as a flat balloon, and we find that refreshing. Who needs more features?

The app makes frequent contacts seem eerily accessible. Why wasn’t it this easy to compose a message before? Because Apple’s built-in Contacts app doesn’t use Dialvetica’s sorting algorithm, which learns the frequency of your calling/messaging patterns and ranks your contacts accordingly.

The “sticky keyboard” does the rest: just punch in a few of the right letters and Dialvetica finds your friend. Type B-B-J to get “Bob Jones,” or J-O-F for “Jon Finkle”.

If this floats your boat, check out Calvetica, their slick calendar app for iOS. 

Available now on the App Store. Price: $1.99 USD.


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