Change Generation: Alexa von Tobel and LearnVest Take on Personal Finance

In the latest installment of our video series on risk-taking, do-gooding young entrepreneurs, we meet Alexa von Tobel who founded LearnVest to help women with financial problems. She went from studying psychology in Harvard, to being at a trader at Morgan Stanley, to dropping out of Harvard Business School to start the company, “I’ve learned more in one day at LearnVest than a week at business school.”



About Alexa von Tobel: Alexa feels passionately about making personal finance education fun and accessible to everyone. The concept of LearnVest came to Alexa when she realized that she was graduating from Harvard College without ever having taken a single class on personal finance. Upon graduation, she worked as a trader at Morgan Stanley. After that, Alexa went on to become the Head of Business Development at Alexa received an A.B. in Psychology with Honors at Harvard College. In the fall of 2008, Alexa enrolled in Harvard Business School. When LearnVest received national recognition and was selected as an Astia 2008-2009 company, she took a leave of absence from Harvard Business School in order to launch LearnVest.

About LearnVest: It is LearnVest’s mission to provide unbiased financial information to all women so that they can make the best financial decisions possible. Personal Finance can be complicated, so LearnVest provides step-by-step checklists to help you over the hurdle for whatever your financial problem may be. Whether you’re buying a home, saving for grad school, or simply trying to become a better “budgeter,” LearnVest will help you achieve maximum financial health through its dynamic LearnVest Checklists, fun “bite-size” daily newsletter, and straightforward, easy-to-read content.

Change Generation

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