Small Business Rock Stars

Three cheers for whoever thought up Small Business Saturday. Small business is the backbone of business in any country, in any industry. Small business owners are the ones who think up the crazy new ideas that become the mega businesses.

So what makes a Small Business Rock Star?

  • Passion: You know it’s all about the customer, not about you. Confused? Shop at Zappos.
  • Knowledge: You aren’t afraid to try new things and when you do fail, you learn from the experience and keep moving forward.
  • Networking: You get out and meet people, asking questions all along the way and speaking up when you need help.
  • Appreciation: You never forget to say thank you and show appreciation to the people who helped you get where you are today. AND you do for them.

Sounds simple huh? Well, it’s not. It’s hard work. Small Business Rock Stars apply these same “rock star principles” to everything they do, every day all the while also taking care of their branding, marketing, the budget, who is going to clean the bathroom, everything! You can do it though because you can’t imagine not running your business, doing what you do now. Why? Because…

YOU are a Small Business Rock Star!DS