Infographic of the Day: Frog Design Makes Twitter Activity Gorgeous

We’ve featured a slew of Twitter visualizations, but you’ll probably agree that this is the most beautiful and hypnotizing.

Designed by Frog’s office in Milan, A World of Tweets simply visualizes real-time Twitter activity around the world. Tweets are shown as raindrops falling across the globe. But what’s more, the longer you let the visualization run, the better it gets — the rain drops add up, building you a real time heatmap of worldwide Twitter activity.

Here’s the heatmap, which beings building up as soon as you log on to the site:

[Click to visit site]

And here’s the global view, of Twitter activity over time:

Obviously, there isn’t much to this infographic — as Frog admits, it’s basically an experiment in HTML 5 more than anything else. But I’ll be damned if it isn’t hypnotizing to watch. Just sit back, zone out, and thank the gods above for the short workweek. CK