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Wanted: The Time, In Abstract

Alien watch site Tokyoflash does new violence to the face of the clock.

Wanted: The Time, In Abstract


This is the Kisai Transit watch, announced on November 23. Like other impossibly weird watches we've covered, the Transit requires you to learn how to read it. Once you do, it's second nature; but the learning curve has a purpose. After a few weeks wearing another Tokyoflash watch, we've realized that's the beauty of these cryptic little gizmos: they turn time-telling into a little fast-twitch mental exercise. Maybe you've lost the propensity for watch-wearing since the smartphone became your tool for everything. But there is a simple pleasure ready to be rediscovered; it's oddly satisfying to leave your phone in your pocket and instead, look at your wrist and do a quick mental backflip to tell the time. After a while, you begin to stop visualizing time as rotational — but then, that's a philosophical journey for you to discover on your own.

Available from Price: $110 USD.


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