Those Darn Teenagers

Are you keeping up with the next generation of customers?

Are you paying attention to your next generation of customers? Do you know anything about them other than everything everyone has complained about with teenagers for years–clothes, hair, attitude etc? Well, like’em or not, they are here to stay and, if not spending money now, will be very soon. Will they be buying your product or service?


As a successful businesswoman, motivational speaker and the mother of three boys ages 11, 14, and 22, my “in-house research” is quite extensive and eye opening:

  • Most are open to meeting anyone in the world regardless of race, sex, social standing, financial standing or sexual orientation.
  • They will accept any social media friend request if there is at least one mutual friend.
  • They want their favorite TV shows on demand and not necessarily on their television. Commercial free.
  • Most watch their TV shows and movies on their computer or smart phone.
  • If they do watch television, it is usually late at night … to fall asleep.
  • Long distance relationships are no longer just for adults. Can you say free Skype? Google Talk? MSN?
  • They have never owned a watch and never will. Their smart phone has the time.
  • They record their lives for each other and share it with the world.
  • They really dislike email. According to the 22 year old, “I only use it for you and my older professors.” Ouch.
  • Most have never watched a newscast on television. They do care about the news but get all the information they need on their smart phone.
  • Last but not least, from my 14 year-old editor on this blogdon’t call it a smart phone. Their phones have always done all these cool things. Old people call it a smart phone. It is simply a phone to a teenager. And the only kind of phone most have ever known.

How do you apply this to your business? Product? Service? That’s up to you. The smart ones will figure it out….and have the next generation of consumers lined up and ready to spend their $$$$$.


About the author CEO Dayna Steele is a success author, business speaker, and occasional golfer. Dayna spent years working with the greatest rock stars in the world