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The UPS Green Supply Chain

Everyone knows UPS is a true leader when it comes to logistics and distribution. (How else could one company deliver more than 15 million packages to customers in 220 countries and territories every day?) What people may not know is that UPS is also an industry-leading force for change in the area of sustainability.

But how does such a complex operation do it? Amongst other things, UPS is improving fuel economy on the road and directly involving customers in the process of greening their supply chain.

Investing in alternative fuel vehicles (over 700 added to the fleet in the last two years) and the latest in telematics – which combines technology and information to help drivers become more efficient with every mile they drive – has helped UPS to increase fuel economy by 10% from 2000 to 2009. With sustained efforts, the company plans to improve by yet another 10% by 2020.

UPS also gets its customers involved by bringing transparency to carbon reporting and offering the option to offset. Whether it’s a single customer paying an extra 5 cents to offset the carbon associated one shipment or a high-volume corporate account going carbon neutral on all their shipments, UPS makes choosing to offset easy.

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