• 11.19.10

Genuine White iPhone 4 On Sale–in China

If you don’t have a friend at Cupertino, a trip to China may be what is needed to get your hands on a genuine white iPhone 4.

Anyone looking to buy a white iPhone in its entirety, rather than individual body parts, should head for the Web. According to, unofficial resellers in China have been stockpiling units originally destined for the U.S. and offering them up on their websites. The price is anything between $828 and $1,204 for a basic 16GB model. Boasting the real McCoy model number of the white version, if it’s a fake, then it’s the Bugatti Veyron of fakes.


It seems that the phones are locked into the AT&T network, and the boxes have stickers on them saying that the phone are for company use only and are not for sale. No doubt these pictures will send the mooks on Cupertino’s iPhone 4 floor into paroxysms of fury, but, unlike the case of Fei “Phil” Lam, there’s not a lot they can do about it. Firstly, these phones are available on the gray market, secondly, if it’s from one of Apple’s suppliers in China, then the theft is impossible to police.

Although Apple has yet to release the white model into the wild–last month it released a statement saying that its arrival date had been put back to Spring 2011, a few have been spotted–Stephen Fry, for example, has what he claims to be the only white iPhone on the European continent, and a New Yorker was spotted with one last month he claimed had been given to him by a chum who worked at Apple.

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