Toyota, Tesla Show Off Electric RAV4

The wait is over: Toyota and Tesla unveiled the all-electric RAV4 prototype at this week’s Los Angeles Auto Show, and it looks like…a RAV4 without a transmission or gasoline engine.

The new RAV4 actually isn’t the first electric version of the vehicle. The first-generation RAV4 EV was built for testing in California between 1998 and 2003. We have actually seen a handful of these RAV4’s driving around the San Francisco Bay Area (746 are currently on the road).

Toyota’s newest iteration of the RAV4 handles much like the gasoline-powered version but weighs 200 pounds more. It also features a new front bumper, grille, and head and fog lamps–and of course, gear manufactured by Tesla including a lithium-ion battery pack with a capacity between 36 and 38 kilowatt-hours, power electronics module, motor, gearbox and more.

The vehicle will be released in 2012. No word yet on pricing, but it is expected to cost thousands of dollars more than gasoline or hybrid models, according to Green Car Advisor.

Not interested in an SUV but still want a Toyota-branded EV? The automaker will have a plug-in Prius available in 2012.

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