The 100 Most Influential Congressional Tweeters: Nancy Pelosi, Republicans Dominate

The Influence Project

Republicans won the House at the mid-term election — and they also won on social media.

Democrats can take some solace in the fact that their newly elected minority leader Nancy Pelosi, while ousted as House Speaker, is still the most influential tweeter in Congress.

According to research published today, HP Labs, using its unique “influence algorithm,” analyzed 22 million tweets to determine the most influential representatives and Senators on Twitter. Overall, the results show that Democrats might want to reconsider their social media strategy.

Of the top 100 most influential reps, 70 were Republicans. Of the 86 that were up for election this cycle, 79 of these top influencers won their races, while just seven lost.

The report also showed that “popularity” was no replacement for “influence.” Though Sen. John McCain boasts 1.7 million followers on Twitter–the most of any member of Congress–he ranks just seventh, behind reps with far less fans. Now-House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi has only 15,000 followers, yet tops the list, according to HP Labs, as the most influential House rep on Twitter. Tea Party figure Michele Bachmann placed third, with only 22,000 followers.

We’ve included the list below. Which politicians are a surprise? Who do you think is the most influential on Twitter? Tweet your answers with #PoliTwits.