• 11.19.10

Wanted: Sunglasses Made From Fighter Jet Canopy Glass

Now you can get the laser-sharp optics of a Top Gun fighter without accidentally killing your best friend.

Wanted: Sunglasses Made From Fighter Jet Canopy Glass
POC Eye Did_black_1

POC is a Swedish sunglass company that decided to make their lenses out of a material called NXT, aka “visual armor,” the same composite used to make fighter jet canopies. NXT is a shatter-proof polymer that the company says won’t distort your vision the way the polycarbonate lenses in most sunglasses will, and they won’t shatter and blind like glass. (Pictured: POC’s Eye Did glasess, with Level 3 lenses.)


Will you be able to tell the difference? Who knows. But even if you never test the visual acuity or the durability, the POC’s have plenty to offer: the lenses are also treated to resist oil, scratching and even water droplets that might cling to the lens and obstruct your vision. (Some versions are also photochromatic, meaning they adjust their tint to suit ambient light; others are polarized to cut glare).

Incomprehensibly, the lenses are enclosed in a “handmade acetate frame,” which this blogger believes to be the main ingredient in paint. Bragging rights? Done.

Available now. Starting at $139. Pictured: $235 USD.


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