• 11.18.10

Wanted: The Home Music Server

With domestic Web speeds lagging, high-quality music from cloud is still a dream–but this 2TB music vault is very real.

Wanted: The Home Music Server

The future is a place where all your music lives in the “cloud,” beamed down to your smartphone or PC with alacrity. And that’s totally possible now–if you live in South Korea, that is. So what do you do if you’re an American music nerd with tepid broadband speeds? You buy a home music server.


This is the Olive 06HD, which was released on Wednesday. It packs 2TB of storage wrapped in eight layers of noise-canceling padding (so you don’t hear the drives spinning) and is meant to be the brain of your home stereo system. The Olive takes sound quality very seriously with parts like an “ultra low-jitter master clock” and a “TI SRC4194 Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter.” But all you really care about is the storage space, right?


Wrong. Because digital files are so aggressively compressed, it takes a lot of technology to restore them to full quality. That jargon in the last paragraph? That stuff helps take the “edginess” off a digital track, and ensures that the sounds feel as if they are appearing on a “black” background–dead silence, no hiss.

You can navigate the 06HD with its 10-inch touchscreen, meaning you don’t need your computer hooked up to play DJ, and there’s also a built-in TEAC CD-RW drive for physical media.

Available now in limited quantities from Price: $5,000 USD.


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