• 11.16.10

What Google Goggles Will Do for the Ad Industry

Unsure about what the future of mobile advertising holds? Google and Junaio show just what may be lying in store for consumers.

Google Goggles

We know the nascent mobile advertising industry is going to make the owners of the networks (Google’s AdMob, Apple’s iAds) even more ridiculously wealthy than they already are. But what about the content? What creative ads will leave consumers agape with amazement?


First up is a marketing experiment from Google’s Goggles lab. Alongside a quintet of high-profile brands–T-Mobile, Buick, Disney, Diageo and Delta Airlines, this last one no stranger to Google bunk-ups–the firm is working out a way of using Goggles to provide a “deeper, richer experience” from print ads.

Let Goggles scan the print ad, and you’ll be taken to a mobile site that gives you more information, more fun, and maybe even more bang for your buck.

Which is also what this work from AR firm Junaio and German food outlet Sausalito has done. The basic idea of hidden content in a print ad accessed via your mobile device has become a promotional offer. Although this is a basic example of the idea (a winking model doesn’t really fulfill the “extra content” tag), the free Coke Zero offer is one way of getting your message through to your audience.


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