Anticlimactic Apple! iTunes Unveils the Beatles, But No Streaming Cloud Service

Apple announcements are usually airtight, but today’s news leaked early: iTunes will be adding the Beatles to its music store. While many hoped that couldn’t be the only announcement (one more thing…?), when hordes of fanboys waited for to load Tuesday, they were soon greeted with the following:

Of course, even before the Fab Four came to, the iTunes store had already been overhauled with Beatlemania. Now, fans can purchase the Beatles Box Set, a collection of 256 songs, video of their first US concert, and a mini-documentary for $149.

Apple is also offering the band’s catalog on a by-album and -song basis. Individual albums are priced between $12.99 and $19.99 (for masterpieces such as the The White Album). Individual tracks are offered at $1.29 each.

Certainly this is big news for Apple and iTunes, which are finally filling a gaping hole in their music store. But is the announcement enough for Apple fanatics? Whenever Steve Jobs plans an announcement, we expect iPods, iPhones, iPads–industry game-changers. Will the Beatles be enough to satisfy Apple’s cult?

What do you think?