All I Want for Chrismukkahwanzaa…

We ask some leaders and trendsetters for their holiday wish lists.

I love to travel around the world surfing. A big, new part of surfing is stand-up paddleboarding. One of the things I’d love to get is a Gerry Lopez stand-up paddleboard ($1,495, It makes it easier to catch waves. — Barney Harford, President and CEO, Orbitz Worldwide


My wife and I just had twins so we are all about pictures now. I’ve always wanted a Wi-Fi-enabled projector that can project pictures of my twins on the walls of my house, and there’s a Dell S300W ($999, that does exactly that. — Mark Pincus, CEO, Zynga

A Smythson silver pen ($695, I have given two to friends. That’s a true test of friendship — to give a gift you really want yourself. — Rachel Ashwell, Founder, Shabby Chic

A new Hermès scarf; the Quadrige II ($375, is so punchy. — Miriam Lahage, General Manager, eBay Fashion

A $25 gift card to Best Buy. I’d like to get a DVD or maybe a couple of CDs, but I’d like to pick them out myself. Also, I want to get my ears pierced because I want a change in my look for 2011. The person giving the gift wouldn’t necessarily have to physically pierce my ears themselves. — Andrew Mason, CEO, Groupon

A Korin takoyaki pan ($24.90, I just got back from Japan, where we had amazing takoyaki [octopus fritters]. It made me want to replicate it at home. I also think there may be many other uses that we will discover for the pan at Alinea. — Grant Achatz, Chef, Alinea and Next

PeakPilates’s Total Workout System ($5,345, Pilates provides results that give me confidence to stand 6 feet tall, while strutting in my 3-inch heels. — Julie Lee, SVP, Vevo


A Maserati Quattroporte ($119,750, I can’t fit my three kids in my Porsche 911 or the Panamera. — Taryn Rose, Shoe Designer

Time with the family, ideally strapped onto a snowboard. And let me be clear, not all six of us will be on the same snowboard. We’ve been going to Whistler, in Canada, since 1997, so my hope is that the holidays find my wife and kids and I up in Whistler. (one-day lift ticket: $91, — Jason Kilar, CEO, Hulu

A FrontierVille gift card. I would use the extra horseshoes to unlock a new furnace. — Anne Globe, Head of Worldwide Marketing and Consumer Products, DreamWorks Animation

I ask friends to make a donation to Almost a billion people don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. A $20 donation can give one person clean water for 20 years. — Padmasree Warrior, CTO, Cisco

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