Yahoo Wants to Hire 400k People for AOL Seed-Like “Contributor Network”

Yahoo Contributor Network

Yahoo has been hiring reporters and editors by the droves–from Politico, BusinessWeek, ABC, the Washington Post–and now it’s looking to add just a few more: about 400,000 writers, photographers, and videographers. Today, the company launched the Yahoo Contributor Network, a platform that turns readers into potential contributors of Yahoo’s wide range of media sites.

The Contributor Network finally delivers on Associated Content, the online community publishing platform Yahoo acquired in May for more than $100 million. Now, any Yahoo user can submit content, and potentially get paid for being featured on Yahoo’s news, finance, and sports sections, or even its homepage.

“The new platform invites all Yahoo users to become a part of the Yahoo experience by sharing their perspectives and expertise, and also lets Yahoo editors quickly and efficiently assign and select crowdsourced contributions for all of Yahoo’s media properties,” the company said in a statement. “These contributions–which span topics from niche to mainstream–complement the programming already provided by Yahoo’s award-winning editorial team and content partners.”

There’s no question that with this its new service, Yahoo is now expanding into crowdsourced content. The company is clearly taking a cues from Huffington Post and Aol, which launched a similar content-submission service called Seed, a platform often compared to Associated Content.

Through its team of recent prominent hires–a model Aol is also mimicking–Yahoo will provide curated, likely hyper-local news through a 400,000-strong network that no editorial staff or bureau could match on its own.AC