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Audi's Hybrid Quattro SUV in Action: Google Earth, Hot Spot, and Electric-Only Up to 62 Mph

Audi has released footage of its first hybrid vehicle in advance of next week's LA Auto Show, and it might not be what you expect. The automaker's most famous hybrid concept—the e-tron Spyder—is a sports car-lover's dream, but the just-revealed 2011 Q5 Hybrid Quattro SUV, is, well, an SUV (albeit a fancy one).

The vehicle features a 2.0 TFSI engine and electric motor that deliver 245-horsepower and yield 33.6 mpg—not that impressive by itself, but the vehicle can operate on EV-only mode at up to 62 mph (the highest electric-only speed for a hybrid). Audi's hybrid also can drive up to 1.86 miles at 37 mph in EV-only mode.

In typical Audi style, the Q5 is outfitted with impressive extras, including 3-D Google Earth navigation, internet connectivity for Google services, and hot spot connectivity. Audi hasn't yet revealed pricing, but we're guessing the vehicle won't be cheap. Video of the leaked hybrid (hat tip: CNET) is below.