Is It Finally Okay to Lust for a Cheap American Car?

Is It Finally Okay to Lust for a Cheap American Car?

It’s amazing how far a little market research goes. Ford says that over 77 million Americans can be considered “technology enthusiast drivers,” and they’ve built the 2012 Focus to suit. But it’s hard not to be cynical about anything coming out of Detroit. They built this one for the iPhone-toting Obama-voting hipsters, right?


Let’s look at the facts: the car gets 40 mpg, has Wi-Fi for mobile hotspot action, uses voice commands for the in-dash nav (yes, they work) and can parallel park itself (if you’re too busy inspecting your organic apples). It also lets you plug in an iOS device for music or attach a portable hard drive.

But do a little math, and you’ll quickly figure out that 77 million is nearly half the adult population. Perhaps we’re becoming a nation of Shazam-loving Google-mapping nerds, and Ford is the only manufacturer who gets it.

Either way, the car’s a fox.


Available now. Price: Around $24,000 with all options.


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