Seoul Patrol: Korean Cops, Like NYPD, Get Electric Stand-Up T3 Scooters for G20 Summit

T3 Series Stand-Up Electric Vehicle

President Obama has arrived in Seoul, as have 2,500 T3 Series Stand-up Electric Vehicles for the city’s clean, green, police squads. In attendance at the G20 Summit today and tomorrow are leading dignitaries from around the world, and much like the Olympics, the event is an opportunity for the host country to show off all the remarkable things about the city.

And Seoul is remarkable–made clear by the fact that it is the World Design capital of 2010.

Adding to its image as a miracle of development (the country was poorer than Mexico just 30 years ago), the T3s are meant to allow maximum security, flexibility, and ease of travel and still protect the climate, as security will definitely be turned up a few notches in the next couple of days.

A few features of the vehicles:

  • Zero-degree turning radius
  • Swap-able batteries
  • Speeds up to 20 mph [32 km/h]
  • 9-inch raised platform provides a superior vantage point

The New York Police Department’s anti-terrorism unit started patrolling subway stations on T3s about a month ago. The department put four into use initially but plans to roll out about 30 more in the next month.

The vehicles are also used by the FBI, the United States Postal Service, and eBay, among other clients.

Keep your eye out on Seoul–while Tokyo has long been known as a style haven of the East, my experience in the Korean capital tells me that the city is on its way to overtake Japan’s capital, as the city shares a similar fashion sense, a bit more greenery (it’s in a valley surrounded by mountains), and most of all, uber-progressive architecture.

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