Mr. Peanut, Eco-Warrior, Helps Turn Abandoned Spaces Green

The venerable icon of Planters peanuts comes to life for the first time as part of a campaign with the Corps Network that will see neglected lands turned into “peanut-inspired” parks across the U.S. But what does that mean?

Mr. Peanut


Mr. Peanut, the 94-year-old icon of the Planters brand, came to life for the first time this week via a stop-motion animation commercial (featuring the voice of Robert Downey Jr). The character is pushing Planters’ “Naturally Remarkable” campaign, which is kicking off via a partnership with the Corps Network, and aims to see neglected lands transformed into natural spaces in locations across the U.S.

“We decided it was important to allow consumers to
experience the idea of making the world a little more naturally remarkable than
we found it,” says Jason Levine, Planters’ Senior Director of Marketing. “The Corps Network seemed to be fantastic fit.” The Corps Network is the organization response for the 143 service and conservation corps in the country.

Planters will start working with the Corps Network in select locations next year. The company hasn’t yet chosen specific sites to work on, but it has enlisted architect Ken Smith (the designer of the Museum of Modern Art’s rooftop garden) for help in designing landscapes. “Ken took inspiration for community spaces directly from the product. A lot of it is inspired by peanuts,” Levine explains.

So what exactly will these peanut-inspired community spaces look like? Planters won’t say yet, but we’ll keep our eye on the project for updates.

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