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Wanted: Glasses Bring Your Lukewarm Enthusiasm for 3-D Television Into Focus

You didn't care about 3D before, and now you definitely don't.

Do you have a tepid, passing interest in 3D television? Well, you're not alone. Monster Cable Products wants to make sure that your subdued indifference to this incremental and over-hyped 3D technology remains un-disrupted by any compelling peripherals, so they've pumped unwarranted time and money into creating "the first and only universal wireless 3D shutter system that works with all 3D-ready TVs." Nevermind that you have to wear glasses in your regular life in order to tolerate wearing glasses in front of the TV. Nevermind that you have contact lenses to specifically avoid having to wear glasses. With the MAX 3D glasses, you'll be ready to "experience a new level of visual immersion," even if you are unwilling to spring for three extra pairs so your friends can join you.

CES Best of Innovations Award Winner. Available sometime next year. Price: $150 USD.

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