Your Dishwasher Could Really Use a Touch Screen

Now where’s the weather widget?

Your Dishwasher Could Really Use a Touch Screen

So that’s it: we’ve reached a point in the upward march of humanity at which we feel compelled to put a touch-screen operating system on everything that plugs into the wall. And you know what? It’s a good thing. In another two years, every new gizmo in your home — dishwasher included — will likely have a 4G or whitespace radio that will talk to the cloud, allowing it to help optimize your power use. When that future arrives, the touch-screen will seem a matter of course. 


In the mean time, however, Kenmore says the screen provides “instant answers and advice” that can help consumers “get more from each load.” In other words, it’s trying to make friends. Aw, dishwasher: we’re not going to listen to your advice.

CES Best of Innovations Award Winner. Available sometime next year. Price: $2117 USD.

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